Mapping Ancient Texts: Visualizing Greek and Roman Travel Narratives (MAT) is a project aimed at creating queryable web-based geospatial interfaces capable of visualizing multiple ancient Mediterranean travel narratives simultaneously. MAT contributes to the growing number of digital geospatial and mapping resources for the classical world. The project is distinguished by its focus on visualizing journeys and other sorts of mobility rather than places. In addition, the MAT interface displays entire–or at least large sections of–travel narratives, allowing users to consider a reference to a point or journey segment within the broader context of a single narrative as well as in relation to other relevant texts. The project explicitly aims to visualize ancient textual representations of travel, and to investigate travel narratives as reflecting the geospatial and travel-related conceptualizations of ancient authors and audiences.

Project Team:  Daniel Oliveri, Joe Murphy, Micah Myers (PI)

Past Members: Natalie Ayers, Haley Gabrielle, Eric Holdener

With support from the Kenyon College Center for Innovative Pedagogy & the Kenyon College Department of Classics

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