This interface was created through customization of the Carto mapping platform. After the spreadsheets containing the organized and formatted data based on the travel narratives were uploaded as datasets, the placement of the points and the journey segments was modified with customized SQL statements. The greatest change here was scattering all points that refer to the same location so that the markers would not overlap. Next, the info windows were modified within the CartoDB platform in order to display information according to a fixed format, and the appearance of the points and the journey segments was modified with standard CSS inputs.

In order for the end user to query the dataset, CartoDB.js was used. The appearance of the map was further modified and the header and filtering capabilities were added with standard and customized HTML, CSS, SQL, and Javascript. The base map was provided by Mapbox, and the header and dropdown menus were provided by Bootstrap.

One challenge in this process was finding resources that explained how to customize the platform in the ways that were needed, and then successfully modifying the instructions given in these resources to fit the project. Most of these resources were found through CartoDB tutorials and forum posts on StackExchange. Another difficulty was the learning curve involved in being able to understand, modify, and create a platform that used SQL, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Nevertheless, there was a wealth of help available through established online communities.

There are plans for even more fine-tuning and customization of this platform, including the addition of a timeline, directionality arrows on the journey segments, and dynamic querying that will filter the data by multiple categories.

-Haley Gabrielle